result :)

b4 the result shown i was 3adi 🙂 not careing coz i know what i did in my tests and i k now almost  which grade i will got unless if surprises 🙂 any way  i got my result and its al7amd lela  as i acsept it and more  little bit  will  knt atmna eny azeed 0.03 but zdt 0.01 al7amdlela 3la kl 7al it was really tuff course but the things i always andam 3lya at the end of the course if i did well in the tests i will get better grade thats what  heart me more but i never learn from my lessons ,enshala with the next course i will learn 🙂 hope sooo any way  i got a kiss from dady and t3jb from mamy  but always dady push me up from his words  the importent things is for him is naja7 🙂 so am always on the safe side love u dady and god help u and thanks for that kiss .


3 Responses to “result :)”

  1. Mabroook Dear… This is the worst part for me.. Every time I finish my examz I hate the part where the Results are "ON".. Bas 3adda 3ala khair…el7emdelellah.. Inshalla all the gurls b3d sawaw ok so everybody enjoys the summer although 7ata law kint ZAFAT b3d i’ll enjoy my summer..To hell with studying 😀

  2. congradulations,,,,and keep it up:)

  3. mabrook dear 😀 i am so happy because u like ur grade inshalla we will cover next course with the othere subjects……GOOD LUCK

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