the rain in my life

احبتي اقرأوه و لو كان باللغة الأنكليزية


When its rain the first person comes to my mind is my close friend Mariam its happen when we were in high school we authors lets call it a song " its raining all the day and sky is truing gray …etc"

For you my friend mariam weather its raining or not  you are always on my mind but the rain have specific aroma that remind me of you with thunder,sparks, heavy ,low rain.

For you rain…

I love you rain,some times I feel scary when its getting hard specially at night but all the time I love to walk through it when its rain getting wet feeling crazy becoming a child saying " zeda wa er7am 3abeda" ,wishing my wishes, afraid about youngest drivers from accident , afraid of stuking  in place that I can’t have a dry socks  or sweater to get sick .

My rain  memories..

Funny that I only had 3 memories in 3 stages of my life

Primary school, the first grade and the 5th grade it was raining heavily specially the 5th grade and how we get holiday in this grade and painting on the cylinders then its rain and paints goes.

Elementary school , the corridor, math teacher and the math lecture ,the closet door , the class lighting ,my place ,my do3a2, locking from the small glass of the door.

High school as I said it before with my friend mariam, but also I cant forgot the winter in Jordan and the rain when the day we leave and the day we arrive in the year 1999

The non forgettable memory

It happen to me when I was in omra  in Maka almonawra this year on the last day of august I was laying on the bed having the start of the sick, bad headic, high temperature, when just my mom came to tell me it raining I jumped out of the bed to see  through the window ,wishing god than we went to the 6waf through ka3ba with do3a and the rain falling on you and you see the sparks and thunder over the mountains  and the weather turns completely to dark and cold , you feel that your dnob is erasing by the rain and of course the incredible of Alla ,5sho3, I felt really as I turn to those old ages talking to my god as am so close to him and seeing his dwaher over my eyes what I can say is just sob7an alla , but the funny was when I was kissing the ka3ba if u visit or not hope you will see the Saudi people I mean the wahabi  near the ka3aba they don’t want you to do that one of them said to me " `36y wajhj ya 7rma al 9awa3eg hady nazla bsbtk anty welly amthelj be mama3nah elly mo labseen 7ejab"  I felt sad about what he said about me why  he leaves all the girls who doing things wrong and he put on me the reason of those hard thunder and rain!1!!!

My final memories

God mercy him ,he was my grand father he used to call each of his son and daughter when its rain to be careful  and to put a big gap when u driving with the car front of you.


2 Responses to “the rain in my life”

  1. That’s so sweet Shatha 🙂 your name itself "Shatha" is full of water hehehe It’s cool u have such nice memories .. My memories about rain include that day when were were in high school and it suddenly rained SOO hard and some trees fell down and hit the cars and the water entered our house from the windows ! remember that day?? And the second memory was last year, when i was at college and it rained so hard and my and my friend were running and dancing in the rain and then in hailed and we played with the ice 🙂 it was so nice.. of course i still have more memories but that’s enough for now.. Oh and by the way ! Today it rained so hard in Alexandria and it was amazing ! Wish u were here to enjoy it :)and my memories with u sweet shadooy:-1) when u , me, ameera and huda were working on the biology project and we used to gather at huda’s house, but once u came to my house and my dad cooked for us ma3karoona and chicken hehehe .. 2) when u always call me on my birthday even after i came to egypt 🙂 and u always tease me about being one year younger than you.. and even though I am so BAAD for not calling you on your birthdays like u always do, u don’t get upset and u really proved to be such a great friend who knows how she can make someone like me very happy 🙂 ******* EVEN THOUGH WE ARE SO FAR APART, WE’LL ALWAYS REMAIN CLOSE BY HEART*********i know this sounds somehow childish.. we used to write this in our mothakerat when we were in ebteda2y but i feel like writing it to you now 🙂 love u Shadayoo 🙂

  2. It’s amazing what you worte out there ….and I would never ever forget all those crazy things we’ve done together and how a wonderful person and a friend you truly are!! and I dont think I could say or express how you mean to me!! knowing you is a blessing my friend…..keep it up;)

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