The day I left architecture ….

The day I left architecture ….

New topic was my inspiration to find my self after watching a movie about a high school student and his dream to get  to a famous university to become a writer . I don’t know but sometimes a movie after it ends the idea of a movie reflect  to my behavior I remembered one of my best movie when it just end and it was in holiday after midnight  I bring out my math’s book and start to solve problems , other movie when it finish I said I want to be lawyer and the story of that never ends .

Along of that movie I watched tonight and seeing the  high school he  used to be in , with my favorite type of architecture which I think it represent me, I just felt if I was in that school I will never leave it , any way  there was a common things between me and with that boy  I cant mention them now but when the movie just end the head topic " the day I left architecture " came to me and I said what you are saying  is that going to happen ?

This morning I had a call from a seminar about  career days  for a company that I went for its seminar  but I found a gap between what they are doing and what am doing now any way this lady says to me we will have a field trip to company next wed, I said to her I don’t think so  cause I dreamt about my major career to be an architect she said to me but they want to higher  Bahraini people , I don’t know people sometimes convinces me that’s why commercial gain a lot from me , I said to her its ok I will see and confirm you on sat , the major her is completely new world  its relate to shipping  and dealing with ships the performance was so good to this company even when I get from that seminar if I was a loser in university definitely I will go with there offering , but does architecture for me ? really after those 4 years I don’t know , I really love the major but still am sure there is another job for me if the day that I will leave architecture  comes , but I don’t think I dare too cause I don’t know what is the next step is if the next step came ad I was sure about it  I will go for it but if not I will just graduate with BS degree of architecture in January 2008.


3 Responses to “The day I left architecture ….”

  1. MA sha2 ALLA
    Are u really graduating on Jan 2007.. I thought Arch. is for 5 years.. el7amd lella..
    About the movies .. I do the same.. I always get inspired by movies and I live int he movie that’s really nice..
    I recommend U to see " Black "
    an indian movie..
    It will let u think about ur vision.. and how u should strive to reach it…
    IT IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG different than other Indian movies… PLZ watch it..
    Yalla Shadow gtg…
    Just remember …
    U r a really great person…
    نقاء و طيبة و طموح و موهبة
    وفقك الله أختي

  2. thaanks amooora miss ya aloot about the movie inshalla i will see it in summer i will rent , if u said  its amazing i belive its amazing tooo thats why i need to see it 🙂

  3. hehehhe thanks
    Ya sure t’s amazing and INSPIRING:)

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